Prescription Refills are made easier

Read through the steps below to refill your prescriptions online. Your prescription label has all the information you need to complete a prescription refill request.

How to Refill Your Prescriptions online

Enter your First & Last Name, phone number and email address  in the required fields.

Note: Name must be entered exactly as it appears on the Prescription Label

Have your prescription vials ready for all the medications that you want refilled. 

The prescription number is the 6 digits number beside RX

eg: RX999999

Enter the prescription numbers in the appropriate fields. If You want to refill more than 4  prescriptions, you can add them in the comments section at the end of the online refill form.

Choose the date you would like to pick up your prescription or have it delivered by clicking on the arrow down on the right. 

Choose the time you would like to pick up your prescription or have it delivered by clicking on the arrow down on the right. 

If you want your prescription to be delivered, tick the checkbox “YES”

You may enter any additional comments about prescriptions ordered or delivery requirements in the Comments section.

Note: If you do not accept the Online Refills Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , you will not be able to process your prescription request on-line..

  • Only prescriptions originally dispensed at LoPresti Pharmacy and have valid refills may be filled using the online refills form.
  • Once the pharmacy team receives your request for a prescription refill, it will  be subject to the dispensing pharmacist’s professional judgement and By-Laws, the same way as in-store refill requests.
  • Prescriptions requested through the online refill  require the collection, use, disclosure and transmission of personal information across computer systems and networks, although the site has strict security measures, we cannot guarantee that the information will be transmitted securely, will be error-free or will not be accessed by third parties. You are submitting this information to us at your own risk.
  • In the event your prescription has no refills left or cannot be refilled at the requested time, a pharmacy team member will contact you to discuss the best solution.
  • Please allow 24 hours for the pharmacy to prepare your prescription(s).

Online Refill Form

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